Project settings and setup domain name

Project settings allow you to 1. Setup basic information: your website icon, project name, update domain name 2. Setup routes (urls) for each page 3. Unpublish or delete project

You can navigate to the "Project Settings" page as following: 1. From "All projects" > (name of your project), select dropdown menu 2. Select "Project Settings"

Navigate to Create Project Settings
Navigate to Create Project Settings

As soon as you navigated to "Project Settings" page, you will able to make changes. 

Basic Details

Basic Details settings
Basic Details settings

Allow you to update your: - Website icon (or favorite icon, appear next to your website name on the browser tab). The recommended size is 80 x 80 - Project name  - Your website domain name


Routes settings
Routes settings

Route is used to match an url address with a page in your project. A route start with a letter, and following by alphabet letters, numbers, dash "-", and slash "/" character

For example, after creating your page, you can set its route to "home". Your users can access it under the url "".

Note: A page without a route will still be able to access by visitor in preview mode, but won't be able to access via your domain name 

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