Form Integration

Form is a powerful way to help your business, by allowing your visitors or potential customers submit their contact, receive a message.

This document will show you how to enable Form integration, learn about form elements and things to remember when creating a form

Enable Form Integration

To enable Form integration, from the project dashboard:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integration
  2. Look for Form Integration and click Activate.

(If you don't see Activate button, it means the form has already activated)

Form elements

At Editor page, you can find Forms section on the Element panel. There are a few available elements, including:

  1. Input, used for collecting short response (email, short answer, etc.)
  2. Textarea, used for collection longer response
  3. Button, used for submit or clear a form
  4. Form, is required and used for defining form boundary

Create a form

While creating your form, there are a few things need to remember:

  1. Each input element needs a name. You can set an element name by right click on the element and select "Set name for element"
  2. All input and form elements must stay inside the form element

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