Image Block

Image blocks are used to display photos. You can combine with Containers to create your image gallery just as you want. This article will help you to get familiar with Image Block, add image from your computer or select from the available source

Add an image block

You can add a text block just as or the blocks. From the "Element" tab, click on a image block or drag it to where you want to add

Upload an image or select from available source

To set image to the image block, select "Image" from "Toolbar" and click on "Choose an image". It will show the Photo Manager.

In the Photo Manager, "Upload" tab, you can upload an image or paste a link from online sources. Make sure you have the right to use the image if it is not owned by you.

Besides, you can search an image from "Search" tab. These image are belonged to photographers of

Read more about Unspash Photo LicensePhoto Manager
Photo Manager

Add a caption

Caption can be use to describe the image, or give credit to the author. To add a caption to your image, select your image, then choose "Caption" from the "Toolbar", then update the caption as you wanted

Link option on Toolbar
Link option on Toolbar

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