Text block

Text blocks include headings, paragraphs, text labels and buttons. This guide will help you to: - Get familiar with text blocks and basic styling - Make an anchor link from text label

Add a text block

You can add a text block just as or the blocks. From the "Element" tab, click on a text block or drag it to where you want to add

Edit text content

To edit content of a text block, first select the text block by left click on it, then select and replace the content or update as you wanted.

Change style of a text block

You can update font, size, text type (headings, normal text), basic styles, colors, ect... using options on the Toolbar

Toolbar for Text Block
Toolbar for Text Block

Make an anchor link

Anchor link or link is text that link to a different page. To add a link to your text label, select your text label, select "Link" from the "Toolbar". You can either enter a URL or select a page within your project. Select "Open in new window" will let users open the link in the new browser tab instead of the current tab

Link option on Toolbar
Link option on Toolbar

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